We Often Must Go Slow to Go Far with Collaborative Action

The Cradle to Career Partnership of Fresno County has evolved from what was first introduced as Fresno Area Strive.


Fresno Area Strive was coordinated by the Fresno COMPACT, a business and education coalition, and focused on developing a network of local partners committed to the success of our youth. The Fresno COMPACT introduced the national collective impact framework of Strive Together to the local business and education community.


Fresno Area Strive outcomes and indicators were selected and a baseline report was presented to the community on kindergarten readiness, 3rd grade reading proficiency levels, 8th grade math proficiency, high school graduation rates, college entrance and college completion.


Workgroups formed around each outcome, with annual reports on participating school district data results through 2014. The use of disaggregated data to drive work development and the use of continuous learning methods were challenging to achieve.

"We have a collective responsibility to help our families and kids succeed from conception to adulthood. The cross-sector sharing and collaboration achieved through Cradle to Career allows us to identify what works and do more of it." Jim Yovino, Fresno County Superintendent of Schools


Building on Fresno Area Strive, The Cradle to Career Partnership expands and refreshes. In July 2015, the first of four meetings occurred to create a high level collaborative partnership across nine sectors and more than 37 participants to focus on one conversation to improve the cradle to career pipeline for families. Existing workgroups are trained on continuous improvement methods by StriveTogether.


New, revised, or reaffirmed Cradle to Career outcomes and indicators were reviewed by the Partnership and selected. Workgroups begin to use data to focus efforts to determine and advance practices to impact the core indicators and outcomes. Cradle to Career becomes fully established with a strategic plan and Executive Director. C2C facilitates the efforts of workgroups and provides a feedback loop to the Cradle to Career Partnership.  A new baseline report is in progress.

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