Lofty Aspirations, Because Our Kids Matter


Fresno C2C is a community-based partnership that brings together a dedicated group of cross-sector leaders to collaboratively improve key educational and health outcomes for all children in Fresno County.

Fresno C2C is dedicated to these core values:

  • Every child deserves the chance to lead a successful life.
  • The potential of our children is a resource that we cannot afford to waste.
  • Education is the most effective ladder for our children to reach their full potential


The mission of the Cradle to Career Partnership of Fresno County is to strengthen educational and community support systems through collaboration and build the capacity for all children and families to achieve success.

Timeline of Fresno C2C History:

The partnership expands to sixty-four members including superintendents from nearly all the school districts in Fresno County. The connection with The Children’s Movement of Fresno is strengthened. Work begins to develop comprehensive funding strategies in the preconception to age five and college enrollment and completion portions of the cradle to career continuum.

Fresno C2C becomes a fully established community-based partnership with a full-time executive director and strategic plan. The partnership grows to forty-three members from nine sectors.

Building on the work of Fresno Area Strive, the Fresno Cradle to Career Partnership provided the needed infrastructure boost. Leaders from nine sectors came together to focus specifically on the improvement of key educational outcomes.

Workgroups were formed around outcome indicators
and the use of disaggregated data became more widespread. Development of a continuous improvement process was challenging and the need for an expanded and refreshed effort became apparent.

Fresno Area Strive selected outcomes and indicators to guide the work. A baseline report was released that included data on kindergarten readiness, 3rd grade reading and 8th grade math proficiency, high school graduation rates and college entrance and completion numbers.

Fresno Compact, a business and education coalition, introduced the collective impact framework of StriveTogether to the local community and Fresno Area Strive began operations.

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