Measuring What Matters

2016 – 2017 Annual Report (published February, 2018)

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“In this report you will see how our Fresno C2C indicator matrix, in the context of a life course framework, reflects the critical milestones a child must reach to live a life of well being. The data clearly shows that a child who gets off track early in life is bound to continue that trajectory. Our work is both to ensure that children start out and stay on track, while at the same time, build ladders for those who are off track to get back on.”

 –Linda Gleason, Executive Director (2018)





2015 – 2016 Baseline Report (published February, 2017)

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“Fresno County is better positioned today than we have ever been to improve the lives of all children and families. The Fresno C2C brings together strong leaders who are committed to this effort. We understand our challenges. We have the infrastructure in place. Now, we are working as a community to design and implement solutions. We are dedicated to communicating from the “grassroots to the treetops,” with the priority placed on building trusted relationships.”

 –Linda Gleason, Executive Director (2017)




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