A High School Diploma is Not the Finish Line

High school graduation rates in Fresno County are improving and are in line with national norms. While graduating from high school remains an important life course milestone, a diploma no longer assures a job that can sustain an individual let alone a family. In 2018, 85% of jobs will require some kind of post-secondary certificate*.

* (Fleming, K (2013). Success in the New Economy: How prospective college students can gain a competitive advantage. Funded by Title IC grant #12-CO1-009 awarded to Citrus College by the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office: Telos Educational Services. Retrieved from www.TelosES.com.

While high school graduation rates are high, students are not academically ready to succeed at the community college or four-year college level.

The equity gap, evident at every indicator on the cradle to career continuum, remains a challenge in the transition to post-secondary education.


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