Improvement PilotsFresno C2C is working to eliminate disparities, close gaps and improve education outcomes for every student in Fresno County. While measurement is an important first step along the path toward systems change, taking a closer look by analyzing effective practices is essential. We can determine the best options moving forward by identifying what is working and what best practices should be applied.

Our Continuous Improvement and Data Teams come alongside partnering organizations to support and facilitate Improvement Pilots to test innovations for effectiveness and scalability.

Current Improvement Pilots

Kindergarten Attendance – September, 2017 Summary Report
Brooke Frost, Lead Facilitator

This attendance pilot was put together to determine if conducting kindergarten readiness orientation for parents focused on how attendance reduces chronic absence in kindergarten, the highest percentage of absences in elementary school.  Kindergarten attendance is now known to be critical in equipping students’ with fundamental reading concepts.   

RIME Magic and Fresno Probation – August, 2017 Final Report
Meredith Wiley, Lead Facilitator

The pilot, including C2C partners FCSS and Fresno County Probation, at Juvenile Hall has now been completed. The study was conducted for two weeks from July 17 to July 28, 2017 in 5 thirty-minute sessions a week. Thirty minutes total were subtracted for pre- and post-assessments and a questionnaire with the students at the end. Each session consisted of Rime Magic and supported reading with a challenging book of high interest to the student. The total time for instruction if a student had 100 percent attendance over the two-week intervention was 4.5 hours. Two students missed a day, as noted below, so their total instruction time was 4.0 hours each.

RIME Magic and Fowler Unified School Districtcoming soon
Meredith Wiley, Lead Facilitator


Fresno County Superintendent of Schools: Networked Learning Improvementcoming soon
David Jansen and Amber Jacobo, Co-Conveners


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