Higher Expectations Required for Enrollment and Completion

California needs 1.1 million more workers with bachelor’s degrees by 2030 to keep up with economic demand.*  The San Joaquin Valley can and will play a critical role in addressing this shortfall. The region will need to improve access to college, increase the number of students who transfer from community colleges to four-year institutions, and boost graduation rates for students already enrolled in college. It is also critically important to recognize that we cannot meet the projected shortfall without substantial progress in college graduation for underrepresented groups including low-income, first-generation, Latino, and African American students.

*Meeting California’s Need for College Graduates, Public Policy Institute of California, 2017

Enrollment at State Center Community College District is almost triple that of Fresno State. Of the students who enroll, a small percentage are African American.

Source: Fresno State Office of Institutional Effectiveness (2016), and California Community Colleges Student Success Scorecard (2016)


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