In C2C’s ongoing work to identify options for linking data systems and fostering cross-sector data sharing, we are investigating a new technology known as Blockchain. The effort is currently in a discovery phase to determine the time and cost of a proof of concept project that would include two agencies utilizing blockchain to generate a universal ID and optionally store data. WIPFLi CPAs and Consultants has been contracted by Fresno C2C to do the initial the work. The potential for Fresno County to develop this groundbreaking technology is another example of the hard work to integrate sectors and develop the necessary infrastructure.

Project Purpose, Objective, and Scope
The primary purpose of WIPFLi engagement is to provide professional consulting services to assist with defining a blockchain based architecture that records data sets from two data sources/agencies and determines identifying data for a unique ‘Universal ID’.

The project scope is limited to the following activities and/or deliverables:

  • Obtain a high-level understanding of the data to be recorded from two agencies on a blockchain based platform.
  • Facilitate discussions that lead to the recognition of unique data that can be used and an identifier for the Universal ID
  • Analyze the quality of data and record rules for data standardizations
  • Draft a high-level blockchain architecture to record data from two agencies
  • Draft an estimate for implementing a solution to obtain data, standardize the data according to the rules, and record data on a blockchain platform to create a Universal ID and further applications.
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