Theory of Action

process-mainIn our efforts to achieve better outcomes for all children cradle to career, we are committed to a theory of action with these three components:

  • Measure what matters
  • Identify effective practices
  • Align resources

Measure What Matters

Our partners have built a common agenda around eight major milestones along the education continuum. We know that accurate and timely data is vital to fostering community-wide action and accountability.

Identify Effective Practices

While measurement is an important first step along the path toward systems change, taking a closer look by analyzing effective practices is essential. We can determine the best options moving forward by identifying what is working and what best practices should be implemented.

Align Resources

We need to be smart and strategic in the way we coordinate our often limited resources. By integrating the expertise of people working at multiple levels we can align budgets better and direct investments for maximum impact.

C2C is anchored around the continual measurement of eight critical community achievement indicators that drive the work and help all providers and stakeholders maintain focus. The immediate goals include improving kindergarten readiness, third grade reading proficiency and high school graduation rates. By using data to measure each indicator, C2C ensures programs are meeting the needs of every child in Fresno County. Newly developed measurable standards provide new ways to improve outcomes and everyone involved is held accountable by annually publishing results.

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