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Request for Proposals

Preconception to Age 5 Blueprint for Funding
Fresno, CA

The Fresno Cradle to Career (C2C), Fresno County Superintendent of Schools (FCSS), and
Central Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) issue this competitive Request for Proposals
(RFP) seeking a professional facilitator to develop a comprehensive Preconception to age
5 Blueprint that constructs the architecture of an early childhood integrated system and
funding plan through the year 2030.

Present recommendations gained through consensus and research on community
infrastructure, policies, key drivers, and activities to Improve early childhood factors that
impact long term educational outcomes.

Downloadable .pdf documents:

Proposal packet

FAQ (revised 2/16/18)

Addendum (2/7/18)

FAQs will be updated on February 9 and February 16, 2018.

Contact Linda Gleason for questions:



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