A Working Infrastructure Across Sectors

how-mainChildren in Fresno County have as much promise and potential as children in any part of the country. Our kids are eager to learn, willing to work hard and have tremendous resilience. They are our future doctors, teachers, lawmakers, business owners and civic leaders. And they are relying on us to help them succeed at every step along the way, from cradle to career. Together, we can ensure that all of our children have an opportunity to reach their dreams.

The Cradle to Career Partnership provides the infrastructure for working across sectors to strategically inform, align, and leverage resources throughout Fresno County in order to affect positive change. No single institution, organization, or sector can do it alone.

“Cradle to Career helps to ensure that we’re all communicating with each other on a regular basis and even more importantly, developing our strategic plans in a way that supports a larger, global vision.” Dr. Joseph Castro, President and Professor of Educational Leadership, Fresno State

Through shared knowledge and data established workgroups are identifying gaps and seeking innovative solutions. Then by working with the Partnership Table resources are realigned to remove barriers for families and identify potential areas for policy change quickly and efficiently. C2C is poised to implement innovative solutions to common problems impacting our children, test them for effectiveness then, replicate successful solutions where needed. C2C is committed to identifying key practices that contribute to the overall well-being of Fresno County children.

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