Strategic Communication Loops

Fresno C2C has assembled a network of strategically selected communications’ experts from various sectors. This group meets monthly to share communications-related bright spots and challenges, and shares insights as to the top priorities within each organization or institution, in a peer-to-peer setting.


Current members include:


Barker, Christine Fresno County Courts
Birrell, Lisa Fresno County Superintendent of Schools
Bishop, Brian Fresno County Dept. Behavioral Health
Carrera, Natali Valley PBS
Christenson, Carol Fresno Cradle to Career
Cuevas, Victoria First 5 Fresno County
Curley, Tim Valley Children’s Healthcare
Gleason, Linda Fresno Cradle to Career
Ferguson, Dwayne Reading Heart
House, Kristian Fresno County Health Improvement Partnership
Idsvoog, Amy Fresno Unified School District
Johnson, Brandi Fresno Housing Authority
Johnson, Nasreen Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission
Kincaid, Sue Fresno County Health Improvement Partnership
Maciel, Laura Central Valley Community Foundation
Morin, Eric Valley PBS – Ready to Learn
Scott, Jordan County of Fresno
Shapiro, Courtney CalViva Health
Witcher, Davena AMOR
Ybarra, Erica Fresno Cradle to Career

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