Connecting Our Conversations

Families, neighborhoods, schools, and public/private services all contribute to a child’s success from pre-conception to career. We need to take a three hundred sixty-degree view of our children. As an example, 15% of the students (13,000 children) enrolled in Fresno Unified School District live in Fresno Housing Authority public housing. Because all of the systems that touch children and families are interrelated, we need to ask and answer questions across sectors:

  • What do we know about what is working?
  • How can we do more of what works and less of what does not?
  • How can we better align existing resources?
  • What do we have that we aren’t using?

Building close working relationships between initiatives creates a network of networks and helps to align available resources and eliminate duplication of efforts.

The C2C community network includes:

Life Course Framework by Sector


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