Fresno C2C Indicators and the Life Course Framework

Where we end up can be predicted by how we started and what happened along the way. The diagram below illustrates a path in life that will take a child to stable employment and a positive net worth. It also shows the ways that this journey can get derailed. In the On Track section the green dots represent critical outcomes that research shows will lead a child toward a life of well-being. A child who is On Track has a good chance to reach their personal dreams, goals and potential and become a productive contributor to our local economy. The Off Track section illustrated with red dots illustrates what research has shown can disrupt a positive path to economic mobility.

The north star goal for Fresno C2C is the consistent and meaningful improvement of eleven health and education outcomes for all of the children in Fresno County. These eleven indicators are milestones on the journey to a life of well-being.

Life Course Framework and Indicators Diagram


Creating the enabling conditions for community-wide improvement is fundamental to the work of C2C:

  • Trust
  • Right people working to solve the right problem
  • Measuring what matters
  • Identifying what is already working
  • Testing ideas through an improvement process
  • Allocating and aligning resources

Leaning in for Our Children

AB 258:  Individualized County Childcare Subsidy Plan

Policy changes at the state and local level can have dramatic effects on the systems and resources available to children and families.For working parents, child care is essential in order to earn a living for their families. Thanks to the work of Assemblymember Dr. Joaquin Arambula (D-Fresno), the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools and many others across the Fresno C2C Partnership who provided letters of support and testified on behalf of the bill, Fresno County will now be able to utilize approximately $9.6 million under the state’s subsidized child care program that was previously being returned to the state.

The new law will allow child care providers to better meet the needs of children and working families, improve access to state-subsidized child care programs, and strengthen the fragile child care and development infrastructure without requiring additional state funding. AB258 translates into 1,300 more children receiving child care in Fresno County.


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